Although the United States declared independence from the English monarchy centuries ago, trade between the two countries continues. One such deal is in hit TV shows. the desk It was a UK based sitcom before it was made in the US. The humor of the two matches the audience, but both versions have the actors looking directly into the camera or making a confession of some kind. Another comedy show that broke the fourth wall was MirandaStarring Miranda Hart and Tom Ellis (The devil). On the show, Miranda is a single woman navigating a single life with a huge crush on her friend, Gary (Ellis), and dealing with a controlling mother. The show was picked up by US broadcaster Fox and premiered in 2021 under a new title, Call me Katwith Hart as executive producer, according to Entertainment Daily.

With Hart behind the scenes, the revised version needed a new face. Enter Mayim Bialik, a veteran actress with a high repertoire. Additionally, the name had to be changed because Hart would no longer be the focus. Call me Kat The film is about a single woman named Katherine O’Kat who owns a cat café. She works with her best friends, Randy and Phil. Her mother is overbearing and often highly critical of Kat’s risky individual and career choice as a business owner. Kat is in love with her best friend, Max (Cheyenne Jackson), who is a talented musician, but he is not in love with her. He works at a bar called The Middle C with his best friend, Carter. The cast is delightful, funny and recognizable.

Today’s movie

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Kat, the lovable owner of the Cat Café, is portrayed by none other than Kat Mayim Bialik. She is more popular than her previous show, The Big Bang Theory, as Amy Farrah Fowler, a neuroscientist at Caltech. In addition, she portrayed Blossom in the hit comedy show of the same name. In fact, in Season 2, Episode 1 of Call me Katreunited with her ex-husband blossom cast mates, who portray themselves. In addition, Bialik has lent her voice to animated series such as Ahh!!! real monsters And recess. She also lent her voice to the comedy series Young Sheldontransverse from The Big Bang Theory.

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Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson and Leslie Jordan in Call Me Kat
BC Studios

Kat’s main love interest and best friend since college is Max. He is an aspiring musician who cherishes Kat, but is a little lost when it comes to adults. Cheyenne Jacksonwho portrays Max, is most notable for appearing in the series American Horror Story and follow-up series, American Horror Stories. He often plays a bisexual or gay man on the show, but, as Pride Source said, he doesn’t seek out or take on LGBTQ+ roles for the sole reason that they’re LGBTQ+. Jackson can also be seen as Hades in Grandsons a series.

Kayla Pratt

Kayla Pratt in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Randy is a straight shooter. She will be honest, even if it hurts. If Randy looks familiar that’s because the actress is portraying her Kayla Prattwas on an episode of live singleAnd family affairsand a comedy with Eddie Murphy called Dr. Doolittle. Although if none of these appearances ring a bell, you’ll be surprised to hear her voice as Penny in the original and animated series revival. Proud family.

Leslie Jordan

John Griffin, Leslie Jordan, Julian Grant, and Kyla Pratt in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Delay Leslie Jordan He portrays Phil, a divorced gay man from the South who puts his heart and soul into everything he bakes for Cat Café. Jordan is best known for his “shut off” persona, Beverly Leslie, ON Will and Grace. In fact, Jordan has a long history in Hollywood. He appeared on an episode of night courtwhich is being revived, according to NBC. He also appeared as Shelby in the horror film Jason Goes to Hell: Final Friday. The modern audience knows him because of his TikTok videos and appearances American Horror Story And Sordid Live: The Seriesand his role as Mr. Blakely in Help.

Schuyler Helford

Schuller Helford and Mayim Bialik in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Kat sometimes imagines scenarios for the audience to see. The average person in his daydreams is Brigitte, Max’s ex-fiancée. Although the real Brigitte does not appear, Kat’s imagined version of her is portrayed by Kat Schuyler Helford. She’s almost new to the Hollywood scene, having been behind the scenes as a writer and producer on shows #Cybriety And Inside. She is best known for her role as Mallory in the horror movie haunt And as satin in Anger controlStarring Charlie Sheen.

Christopher Rivas

Mayim Bialik and Christopher Rivas in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Although most dating tips don’t sit around waiting for the postman to drop someone off, Kat met her first serious boyfriend, Oscar, while working at her coffee shop. Oscar, portraying her Christopher Rivas, it happens to be a UPS delivery person. Before she starred in the beloved Oscar Call me KatRivas has appeared in several successful TV shows. He appeared on an episode of shamelessAnd Rizzoli and carrotsAnd instinct anatomy. According to Rivas on his Instagram, he directed a short clip that appeared in the New York Times titled Calm your curls. In this post, he talks about research done on acting in hundreds of movies.

Lamorne Morris

Kayla Pratt and Lamorne Morris in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Kat isn’t the only woman on the show who meets someone she falls in love with. Her best friend, Randy, meets someone on a wild night out. For several episodes, he portrays Randy and Daniel Lamorne Morris, date but eventually break up. Morris is widely known as Winston on new girl, but she has appeared or starred in a variety of projects. For example, he has appeared on a couple of podcasts as a recurring character. Morris also starred in Christmas records And Sandy Wexler. He also expressed himself in The Proud Family: Loudest and Proud.

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Tim Bagley

Will & Grace Tim Bagley (1)

Every coffee shop has its regulars. From caffeine-savvy college students to retirees who just want to enjoy a warm pastry and coffee in the morning, every regular has their own whims. At the Cat Café, one of those regulars is Wyatt, who the crowd might recognize Will and grace And Grace and Frankie. Tim Bagley, like his late classmate Leslie Jordan, has been in many projects. before it broke out on Will and graceBagley was in the mask And Homicide diagnosis, a crime procedural starring Dick Van Dyke. Recently, he has lent his voice to some of the animated series like Great North And Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Andy Favreau

Andy Favreau vs Rob Lowe in 9-1-1 Match: Lone Star

Kat and Oscar may have seemed like the perfect match, but her feelings for Max kept a wall between her and Oscar. After their breakup, a new restaurant opens down the block from the coffee shop and the owner, though smitten with Kat, is as arrogant as they come. Nick, the owner of the artisan sandwich shop, is portrayed by the actor Andy Favreau. He appeared in several episodes of Grace and FrankieAnd Molly McQueenAnd 9-1-1: Lone StarAnd Small fires everywhere before appearing in Call me Kat.

Julian Grant

Julian Grant and Kyla Pratt in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

The owner of The Middle C, a live music pub that shares the alley with the coffee shop is Carter. He’s a father, a little obsessive, and deeply in love with his girlfriend, Randy. Carter is portrayed by Julian Grant. Prior to portraying Carter, Grant appeared on the sketch comedy show, Key and Belland a loop of Superior Donuts. He gave his voice to some pigs Angry Birds Movie also. Grant has starred in a few movies as well, such as Battle bar! and TV movie Renault 911: Chasing QAnon.

Swoosie Kurtz

Swoosie Kurtz, Vanessa Lachey, and Mayim Bialik in Call Me Kat
BBC Studios

Sheila, Kat’s overbearing mother Swoosie Kurtz. While Kurtz was into cult classics like Malicious intentions And bubble boyThese roles are just the tip of the iceberg. She portrays Lily Charles V Pushing daisies and Beverly Inn man with a plan. However, her biggest role was as Joyce Flynn Mike and MollySuperstar comedian Melissa McCarthy.

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